Welcome to el Living

 We will be closed for the winter season
 from Thursday this week (March 18).
 So, please join us to enjoy our services
 this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


 Cerramos por la temporada de invierno a partir
 del jueves de esta semana (18 de marzo).
 Por lo tanto, únase a nosotros para disfrutar
 de nuestros servicios este lunes, martes y miércoles.

Instagram link:  el Living Instagram
Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant
towards the End of the World

Located in Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile
The gateway to Torres del Paine

Enjoy delicious food
in a
relaxed and friendly atmosphere
el Living has provided high quality vegetarian
food for 20 years
We specialize in vegan & gluten free menus

We are located at Arturo Prat 156, La Plaza de Armas,
Puerto Natales (Phone number +56 612 411140)
The restaurant is open Monday to Friday with a daily menu served
in our lovely garden (with social distancing) or for takeaways (local
delivery may be possible on request). For latest updates & details,
please visit our Instagram page: el Living Instagram
and our Facebook page at el Living facebook

Web Site update 9th February 2021
El Living Sign Town map

el Living is located at 156 Arturo Prat, Plaza de Armas (main plaza), Puerto Natales
As a result of the current lockdown, EL LIVING is offering a reduced menu

Food can be provided for take out (some deliveries may be arranged)
or served in the restaurant garden. Daily menus will be on display
and our Instagram pages updated each day.(el Living Instagram)

Locally grown organic produce is used whenever posible. Our eggs are all free range
and from local farmers. Daily specials are based on a range of international dishes
including curries, caseroles and bakes and are mostly vegan and gluten free
(if not a vegan and gluten free alternative will be offered). Daily soups are all
vegan and gluten free (menu prices may be subject to change).


eL Living

The best restaurant
in Puerto Natales for
vegetarian and vegan food

Puerto Natales is the nearest main town
to Parque Nacional Torres del Paine with
its breathtaking views over the fjords
of Ulitima Esperanza

el Living

Offering great coffee, homemade wholewheat bread, delicious
cakes and a wide variety of meals…. We are vegetarian, vegan
and gluten free specialists. We have been vegetarian for over
30 years, coupled with vegan and coeliac family members, we
know how difficult it can be whilst travelling to fullfill these
needs with a tasty and varied diet.

El Living is our answer: for almost 20 years we have been
providing fantastic food for everyone, served in a relaxing
and friendly atmosphere. We offer a meal of the day as well
as soups, salads, sándwiches and cakes, along with a wide
range of drinks including fresh juices, locally
brewed micro beers and a great selection of Chilean wines.
Alternatively go native and try a pisco sour or a mate.

We also have separate vegan and gluten free menus.

If you plan to visit Southern Patagonia and especially Torres del Paine National Park, then the links below
may be of interest. These are local businesses, managed by friends of el Living, with a great deal of
experience in this area; they are available to help you make your visit both memorable and well organised.

Profesorado de Yoga
Susanne Steiger

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